Ye! Dialogue

Ye! Dialogue is an event organized every quarter to that provide networking opportunities to young and aspiring entrepreneurs. It provides a single platform for entrepreneurs to network, share ideas, find business opportunities, show business ventures to other entrepreneurs and investors, receive knowledge and tips from other entrepreneurs and build contacts. It connects entrepreneurs to various resources and opportunities to support the growth of their enterprises and dreams.

Young and aspiring entrepreneurs greatly benefit from the support and guidance that Ye! Dialogue offers not to mention, the invaluable connections that can be made through this event.

It is intended to support young and aspiring entrepreneurs:


Connect with Other Young Entrepreneurs

Young and aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to meet other young entrepreneurs and team up to grow their businesses.

  • Guides

It offers useful, guides for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, including information on legal and accounting issues, information on existing support system, starting or running a business in Ghana and Africa, etc.

  • Funding Opportunities

Young entrepreneurs connect with potential investors through its Ye! Pitching events.

  • Exciting Opportunities

Ye! Dialogue enables young and aspiring entrepreneurs to share ideas and showcase their startups and innovative ideas, find other entrepreneurs for business opportunities or simply to learn from each other.



To create the Ghana’s largest network of young entrepreneurs:

  • Support youth entrepreneurship
  • Promote ethical entrepreneurial culture
  • Stimulate job creation



  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs

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Our Partners

We build strong and lasting relationship with individuals and corporate bodies (governmental, commercial and faith-based organizations) to help us in achieving our goal.