Our History

Hopeworks Ghana (formally, Ihope) was conceived in November, 2014 contribute to empowering the youth to discover their dreams and aspirations and to contribute to provision of youth employment.

Several issues (economic and social) were recognized as being the factors that account for the increase in numbers of youth who are without employable skills in Ghana. Ghana has an estimated population of 25million people, with close to 55% of them being young people between the ages of 15 – 24years. The current youth unemployment rate is 48% with an estimated 2% entering the labour market annually, which means like other Sub-Saharan countries, youth unemployment is a major challenge for Ghana.

Additionally, competition for job placement if less favourable to the unskilled youth who are mostly Junior and Senior High School graduates and drop-outs. These unskilled youth see no better option than to get onto the streets in search of means of subsistence which leads to all sorts of social vices. Undoubtedly, lack of employable skills among the youth is one of the major causes of the relatively high levels of poverty in Ghana.

With the focus on youth development, Hopeworks officially seeks to open its doors to its beneficiaries for its training programme. Our activities are funded by donor organizations and individuals.

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Our Partners

We build strong and lasting relationship with individuals and corporate bodies (governmental, commercial and faith-based organizations) to help us in achieving our goal.